Friday Foto: South African Sunset

Karongwe sun

In the South African lowveld, most days seem to end like this, with the fierce sun blooming as red as a poppy in the final minutes before it rolls away below the horizon. At these moments I’m inclined to give momentary thanks for dust haze and pollution…so very bad for the world, but so very good for sunsets.

This particular evening last week I was on a game drive in a reserve west of Kruger National Park. Ahead of us, the jagged line of the northern Drakensberg Range formed a line graph across the sky. As the sun dipped, a lioness strode along a dirt track towards our vehicle. A few moments later, a lion stepped out of the bush behind her, following in step. The lioness passed by the side of our jeep, almost within touching distance, and when the male came alongside, he stopped and flopped in the grass a few metres from where we sat.

Time passes slowly when you’re watching a lion watching you, but eventually, as the lioness stepped out of view, he rose and padded away after her. We drove on towards darkness.

I still can’t decide which was more spectacular that evening: the lions or the sunset.

* Adventure before Avarice travelled to South Africa with Exodus Travels.

7 thoughts on “Friday Foto: South African Sunset

  1. I just discovered that clicking on the sunset photo enlarges it even more and makes it even better…
    Do we get to see the lions too?

  2. That’s stunning. The best sunset I’ve ever seen was in that neck of the woods too, in Namibia. It looked like there was molten gold oozing out of the sky. Breathtaking.

  3. South Africa is truly magical, esp. around Kruger. We were so smitten after our trip that we considered moving there. I even signed up to a course to become a ranger. A few South Africans I worked with talked me out of it, though. I’m not sure I’d live there, but I’d go back to visit in a heartbeat. Very jealous!

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