Friday Foto: Mt Amos


As I write, I’m on Tasmania’s Freycinet Peninsula, researching my umpteenth feature on one of the island’s most famous locations. Wineglass Bay overshadows everything here, with its perfect white curve having become one of the signature scenes not just for Tasmania but also for Australia.
There are many angles on Wineglass Bay, from the popular lookout nestled into a pass on the low Hazards Range, or from Mt Graham to its south, or from the sands itself. But the finest views come from the tips of the Hazards, the mountain range that separates Wineglass Bay from the rest of the state.

My favourite view is from Mt Parsons, the runt of the Hazards litter, a tiny peak at its eastern end, where finely balanced boulders enhance the view into the bay and beach. But the most spectacular scene is undoubtedly the one from the higher Mt Amos, where an upright boulder provides a lofty perch peering directly down onto the beach. It’s a scene that so far exceeds the classic lookout view, you half wonder why they bothered with the lookout at all.

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