Friday Foto: Lake Rhona


There are many things I like about living at the arse end of the arse end of the world. This is one of them…

Last weekend I hiked into Lake Rhona, a tannin-brown alpine lake hollowed into the slopes of the Denison Range in Tasmania’s Southwest National Park. A pinky-white beach wraps around one edge of the lake, and the craggy bluffs of Reeds Peak tower above. It’s the perfect outdoors combo – mountains and beach in one – and one of the finest natural scenes in a state not unfamiliar with innate beauty.

Draw a straight line roughly south-east from Lake Rhona and the city of Hobart is less than 100 kilometres away. For all that, we didn’t see another person last weekend on the trail or at the lake. We threw our tent down on the sand, went to sleep engulfed in fog and woke to brilliant sunshine. And it was ours alone. I’m heading back as soon as I get another opportunity.

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