Friday Foto: Mt Roland

View along the summit plateau of Mt Roland, Tasmania

Think of great mountains across northern Tasmania and most people think only of Cradle Mountain. But to reach Cradle Mountain, you invariably drive past another imposing and isolated line of rock that is the breastplate of Mt Roland, a mountain that’s arguably the equal of its more famous neighbour.

To most who drive through here, Mt Roland is just windscreen scenery, a moment of ‘I wonder what that mountain is called’, before it’s forgotten in the quest to reach Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain.

This photo was taken around a week ago, when I hiked onto Mt Roland, a beautiful walk that rises across the range to reach a long ridgeline. From here, the lower summit of Mt Van Dyke is visible nearby to the south, while Mt Roland hides from view. A short walk on, as you round the flank of a knoll, it appears in all its trig-pointed glory.

From the summit there’s a grand view, stretching to Bass Strait on one side and, on the other, I can even see Cradle Mountain this day. I’ve just saved myself the drive.

4 thoughts on “Friday Foto: Mt Roland

  1. The use of Mt Roland in so many of the murals at Sheffield point to the strong sense of identification with and affection for the mountain caught up in that little town. It is indeed quite iconic, and very pretty too!

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