Friday Foto: Kopra Ridge, Nepal


It’s hard to believe that commercial trekking has existed for less than 50 years in Nepal. Everest Base Camp has become a name that encompasses almost all trekking ambitions, and Kathmandu has ballooned into a city that barely fits its own clothes.

But even in just five decades the trekking landscape in Nepal has evolved enormously. In recent years wifi has sneaked into the mountains and valleys, and roads have all but devoured the famed Annapurna Circuit, which was once the most popular trek in Nepal.  If the Circuit is close to dead, however, the Annapurnas are not. Annapurna Base Camp has lost none of its lure, and new trekking routes are arising, including Kopra Ridge.

This high ridge drapes from Annapurna South and sits like a balcony above the Kali Gandaki, which is claimed to be the deepest gorge in the world. On sunset, spokes of light push through the gorge and Dhaulagiri, the world’s seventh-highest mountain, is illuminated across the dark divide. Who needs the Circuit when there are still views this good in the Annapurnas?

* Adventure before Avarice hiked to Kopra Ridge with Peregrine Adventures.

4 thoughts on “Friday Foto: Kopra Ridge, Nepal

  1. Hi Andrew

    Have enjoyed- and for a cranky old man, even inspired- from reading your weekly epistles during 2013..

    Your periodic Age travel articles have also been a weekend highlight. Only problem was they were a due Macchiato read, and I only have one.

    The articles on Abruzzo were evocative – and your solitary figure on top of a ridge just before the damp clouds enveloped the group remains one of the great images. Are shorts for sub zero temps still de rigeuer ?

    I am returning for the Hed Hiking Italian Alps hike in July.should be a doozie.

    Looks like a resurgence of the Sons of the Scray in 2014 .hope so.

    Keep attacking the course

    Kind regards



    • Hi there Peter, nice to hear from you and glad to hear you’re heading back to Italy. I hiked with Jackie and Mick in the Vic High Country a couple of months ago. Shorts are definitely still the go, even on those snowy Abruzzese days…

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